Monday, 16 May 2011

May 2011- Mini Statement

‘The being of man is the being of a surface: the surface that separates one from the other’

But not just the being of man, but the being of all things is separated by space, by shape and by use. It is the focus of my practice to explore the differences and similarities in the existential properties enforced upon all objects and beings. To explore the consequence of form and use, which control and impart an order (or system) to our way of being?

I use a variety of medium to create a painterly language of relationships between recognisable objects of use and the Human form. My work is focused on the outline of things or the space and shape between and of an object. I aim to create playfulness between certain and elements within the work and often leave a sexual resonance because there is equality among forms. There is a format in place, in which no spatial presence is valued upon another- creations viewed upon as objects and creations viewed upon as human form are used within the work to create a spatial and painterly narrative and not to focus to the intricacies of each individual form.