Tuesday, 26 October 2010

october 10

These photos came from a set i took las year. Ive drawn one image ontop of another. This year im interested in the idea of bacground and foredround, and also the idea that photography is an interpretation of the real, as much as a drawing or use of another medium.

September 10

These are paper stitched together then pasted to the wall, painted over white and sanded down. I wanted to belend the paper object to the white wall. The white wall being the background, not combined with the object (the foreground)

Saturday, 9 October 2010

photograph 2009/10

This is an ink drawing on photopaper. I intend to make more of these and develop this piece by creating a series.

photographs 2009/10

These photographs were installed in the interim exhibition at Chelsea College of Art and Design. They were made of photo paper mounted on an alluminium base.

play: jan 10

This is a recreation of an old work which i adapted to be installed in the TRALA exibition 2010. The work focused on changing the viewers experience with taxt and creating a cosy more inticing situation.

photographs feb 10

These photographs were taken around the idea of the bond between one subjcet and another (object and another) and the looking at the touching of different spaces or masses.

clingfilm sculpture nov 09

This was an experiment too look at form, I didnt take this any further, but quite like the pictures.

oct 09- photographs

At the time of producing these photographs I was interested in objects and spaces. These are three from a series of photographs of white objects, which explore the idea of background and foreground.